Getreideähre in Hand
Quality management


Our products are regularly put through external legally required inspections or checked by our internal quality management system.

Demeter-Felderzeugnisse GmbH itself is inspected annually against the requirements of the European organic regulations (EU 2092/91) as well against the Demeter standards.

Of course Demeter-Felderzeugnisse GmbH, as a pioneer of the Demeter and organic movement has been certified since its inception.

  • Organic inspection number DFE: D-HE-007-05006-BCDE
  • Demeter contract number 31259

Co-operation with our Demeter and organic producers, processors, traders and service providers over many years also reflects the high quality standards of our partners (GLOBALGAP, QS, IFS, DIN ISO, GMP, etc.)

Our quality management system is continually being further developed. In the area of animal feeds we are already operating according to the GMP standards. In 2008 we hope to achieve accreditation of our complete business.

  • GMP certificate, registration number: PDV/BCD: 112417